Frequently Asked Questions 


Where do you get your plants from?

We import our plants from all over the world.

Do I receive my plant with or without roots?

All our plants are rooted. We ship in either high quality NZ sphagnum moss or soil. 

Do I get the exact plant on the picture?

Most of the pictures on the website are of the exact plant that is for sale, unless stated otherwise.

Do you take pre-orders?

Unfortunately, we can not take any pre-orders. If you have a special request, we would love to help you to find the plant! 



How do I handle my plant after arrival?

  • Does the plant look good?
    • Leave the plant as it is. You can add some potting medium to secure the plant. 
    • If the medium feels dry, please give it some water.
    • If the medium is still moist, just let it be.
  • If the plant does not look good:
    • Take photographs of the plant and the parcel. Please inform us! 
    • If the leaves are damaged, please do not remove them right away. The plant will need the energy from these leaves to recover.
    • If the leaves look yellow, please check for root rot. 
      • Roots look fine? Remove the yellow leaves. Place the plant in water until there are signs of growth (roots or leaves).
      • Root rot? Remove all rot and remove the yellowing leaves. Place the plant in water until there are signs of growth (roots or leaves).


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept iDeal, PayPal, ApplePay, BanContact, Bank transfer, and Credit Card. 



Where do you ship from?
We ship from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

To what countries do you ship?

We ship to the European Union, Iceland and Norway. Unfortunately for now, it is not possible to ship anywhere else. 

Is it possible to pick up my plant?

Yes, you can pick up your order in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

When do you ship? 

We only ship on Monday and Tuesday to avoid any delays over the weekend.

How do you ship your plants?

We ship all our plants in cardboard boxes and wrap the plant in air cushion packaging or paper, to keep the plant as safe as possible. All our plants are shipped in high quality NZ sphagnum moss or soil. We use recycled material as much as possible and kindly ask you to recycle as well.

Do all parcels get a tracking code?

Yes! We love transparency and want to know where our babies are. You will receive the tracking code in your email after the parcel has been shipped. 

Can I combine my orders to one parcel?

If you have any requests on shipping, please let us know by email.

Do you include a heat pack? 

We do not always include a heat pack, because we do not send plants if the temperature is below 5 degrees. We add heat packs when we think it is necessary. The heat packs are free of charge. 

What are your shipping rates?

Your specific shipping rate will be calculated at checkout. You can choose DHL (parcel and express), DPD or UPS. All parcels will have a tracking code. We advise all our customers to choose Express shipping, since shipping is a very stressful process for plants. 

Return policy

Please contact us if you are not happy with your order. Send us an email or leave us a note. We are sure we can work something out together! ‚Äč


We only ship healthy and carefully inspected plants. Therefore, We can give our customers a guarantee for 7 days after receiving their plant. The guarantee is only applicable if the plant is being handled appropriately by the customer after receiving the plant. We reserve the right to decide the suitability of this care. If the customer decides to return their order, the plant and the roots/leaves must be in the same condition as where the customer received it in. Returns must be sent in the original packaging. Return costs are paid by the customer.


We can not take responsibility for any damage to plants caused by shipping or delays during shipping. If you receive your plant in an unhealthy state, please contact us! If your package is damaged on arrival, please take detailed pictures of the parcel. Send the pictures to us as soon as possible (within 24 hours).


We can not give a refund and do not accept returns for any damaged, broken or yellowing leaves, snapped roots and other damage to the plant due to shipping. Please contact us if you have any problems handling your plant after shipping and you need any advice. 


Check our Terms&Conditions for more information.