How to love the Florida Beauty

Philodendron Florida Beauty

Today we want to share with you a beauty of a plant (pun intended). The variegation, the shape of the leaves, the look… It is all so beautiful! And the name of this plant is extremely well found: the Philodendron Florida Beauty.

Introducing the Florida Beauty

This climbing Philodendron is an absolute rare plant that you will not find on a regular basis. Luckily, it is a quite easy rare plant that will do just fine in non-optimal circumstances. Of course, the Florida Beauty will thrive even more under the best circumstances, but let us tell you from our own experiences: your living room will do just fine ;)


The Philodendron Florida Beauty is a hybrid. A hybrid is a cross of two genetically different varieties or species. In the case of the Florida Beauty, it is not 100% sure who switched pollen with who, but the Philodendron Pedatum is definitely one of the parents!


The Florida Beauty is known for its highly variable variegation and every single leaf will appear differently. The multi-lobed leaves are extremely pretty and an absolute eye-catcher in your greenhouse!


How to take care of this Florida Beauty



The Philodendron Florida Beauty will thrive when the temperature is around 20-24°C, but it can handle lower temperatures until around 16°C. Lower (and higher) temperatures will definitely slow down the growth, but it won’t instantly kill the plant!



Most Philodendrons, just as this particular one, love bright indirect light. This means you need to avoid direct sunlight on your plant. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves and that is something you want to avoid. If the plant is facing a southern window, you can use a thin curtain to break the sunlight. Southern/western windows will do just fine, but you still need to avoid direct sunlight. When the plant is facing a northern window, please make sure the plant will get enough light. A bit direct sunlight (maybe 30 minutes a day) won’t matter that much! 



Let’s talk humidity. Although this plant is relatively tolerant and can handle quite the low humidity, we would advise you to keep the humidity around 50-60% to avoid crispy edges. The higher the humidity, the faster your beauty will grow! Our favorite way of increasing humidity is by using a humidifier. This is a clean way to make sure your living room has a good and steady humidity. We love using the humidifiers from Levoit. We use the Levoit LV600HH and love the fact that this humidifier has a built-in humidity sensor. We always set our humidity at 60% and the humidifier will stop producing mist once this humidity has been reached. It will automatically turn back on once it dropped below 55%. Perfect for the lazy plant-parent!

Other ways of increasing your humidity are spraying your houseplants or you can place trays with water on your heater. Please read our blogpost on humidity for more info.


Potting mix

What about potting mix you ask? Like all Philodendron species, the Florida Beauty likes a well-draining potting mix. Please read our blogpost on an in-depth description on a potting mix for Philodendrons!

More info on the Philodendron Florida Beauty?

If you would love to get more information on this particular plant, please feel free to send us a note. We will be selling the Florida Beauty in Spring 2021!


Please comment your ideas on this blogpost in the comments below!


This blogpost was written by Yvon of Planting Inc. 


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